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Light Bulb Sockets: What does E26 or E12 mean? And what is a medium base light bulb?

Understanding the different types of light Bulb Sockets. What does E26 or E12 mean? And what's a medium base light bulb?

How to Put in a Ceiling Light Without a Junction Box - With Creative Cables Lighting & Lamp Parts

Creative Cables helps you solve the problem of not having a junction box to put in your ceiling light

Creative Cables - Lamp Parts In Use Series - Julie McDonald: Got Soup?

Rustic Cedar Canopy, Black Phenolic Sockets, Blue Twisted Rayon

7 Fun Thanksgiving Day Facts from your friends at Creative Cables

Fun Facts about Thanksgiving that you probably didn't know - and none of them are about lighting

Be Creative! - NovuNovu Lamps made by Alessia Fede

Handmade lamps made from Creative Cables cloth wire and lamp parts by NovuNovu

Be Creative - The Lighting styles of L’Arte della Luce

Artisan lighting by Mariachiara Marzoli give new colors to light.

Be Creative – The majestic suspension by Caroline Richard

An impactful suspension, made with our copper covered cables

Be Creative - Casa Vittoria by MakeYourHome

Roberta Borrelli's touch on this awesome vacation home

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